Camo was a majestic black buck with brown and caramel dappling. He brought black and tri-color color to our herd along with nice length and width.

His traits show well in his kids. We're going to miss him, but a few of his sons and daughters are with us to keep his line going on.

His genetics include not only KALR Studly-Dudley *Ennobled*, but Outback Boers Out Play, DER Raina's Beauty, Eggstended Coverage *Ennobled* and TC1 TC122 *Ennobled*.

We miss him a great deal, but also feel so blessed that he was part of our herd. He was a sweet and easy buck.
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Updated February 3, 2018
DNA is on file with the
ABGA for our bucks

HRDR 401K Foul Trouble
ABGA #10706666

We bought Trouble at the CBGA BoerNanza sale August 2017. We're really happy with this buck and  with the first set of kids we've gotten from him.

He's a big boy with great conformation and excellent growth.

His sire is AABG Status Quo *Ennobled*. His pedigree has many well-known high-performing nationally known Boers:  Agnew's Collateral Damage *Ennobled*,
2DOX CD's Salute *Ennobled*, TLB T333 "Ripper" *Ennobled*, AABG Rippin Brass *Ennobled*, and Pat Ash Creek Barbie Brass *Ennobled*.

And also some local well-known Boers: RNSH Mr. Rich *Ennobled and WHG Dura Max's Valentine *Ennobled*.

Kindlehope Humphrey Boergard
ABGA #10722822

Boergard is one of Camo's kids born the year before we lost Camo. It was hard to loose Camo, but he gave a few nice son's to carry on his legacy. Boergart is solid black except for a large red spot on this right hip.

His Dam is Kindlehope Everlasting Love. She is a very nice traditional doe who throws amazing color.
Her grand-sire on the top is RRD Ruger T307 *Ennobled* and her genetics through her Dam are FSE.

Boergart is a beefy boy, broad-chested, wide down the back and wide in the rump. We're excited to see his first kids arrive later this spring.

Kindlehope Night Strike
ABGA #10722815

Strike was a bottle baby. He was just over 3 lbs at birth and didn't have a chance at competing with his bigger brother and sister for food. So, we brought him inside. He has a very sweet temperament and he is got great traits from both his Sire, Camo, and his Dam, Valley View Memories.

Memories came from Allan Luethe's farm. Her Sire is Leaning Tree MJ Rocketman and her Dam is                 Valley View Cowboy's Heart. This makes both sides of Strike's pedigree heavy in great color.

This is his first year breeding for us and we're excited to see what his kids are like.