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Updated February 4, 2018
This is Sheik... he is one of our two alpacas. He's sort of shy but gives us lots of nice white fiber for spinning and to sell. I like the white fiber because it's easy to dye if I want different colors.
Sharing kisses on a snowy day.
Every respectable kid knows that the best place to sleep is the hay feeder!
The goal is to get on Mom's back and do some surfing! She's almost there, too.
Sire - TLC Northern Warrior, Dam - White Forest Gabrielle and their son, our first spotted goat born on the farm on a snowy day.  They were having a family meeting at the fence. From the way Sire Warrior is holding his head, I think he was in trouble.
All the kids in this pen are lined up to enjoy the sun on a snowy day. Some of them look like true sun-lovers.
Here is Dulcie's boy helping to clean stalls!!
Here is Hope in flight! 
"Now how do I get over this fence to those does?"
This is the 'you are on the wrong side of the fence' class. One doe went through and didn't know how to get back. Joe is patiently explaining the problem and most of the kids are listening very well.
That's a 'kid pile' under the heat lamp. Mom's keeping a good eye on her group of little ones.
Feeding time on a rare sunny winter morning.
Suzy-Q's version of the 'Mona Lisa' smile.
Can I help you??
This doe was always curious!
Ah . . . young summer love through along the fence line.
Smile for the camera!!
Wind Storm Brunch - yum!!