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Updated February 4, 2018
LLBG Mr. League X090 "Camo"

Camo has a strong color pedigree. Out of the 46 kids he has sired on our farm, 45 have been non-traditional colored kids. His offspring have been: red dappled paints, black dappled paints, full red,  full black, full red dappled, full black dappled, black or black dappled head/cape.

These kids came from:
8 traditional dam breedings
6 full red dam breedings
1 red dappled dam breeding
3 red/white paint dam breedings
2 non-Boer goat breedings

Camo throws great color. If that is what you are looking for, you should consider adding his straws to your breeding program.

These straws were processed by Biogenics Ltd, Dec. 2015. 

$75/straw or $350/5 straws
Some of Camo's kids born here at Kindlehope Farm - click on pictures to enlarge
Kindlehope Full Armor - buck
Full red dam
Kindlehope Full Measure - buck - Full red dam
Kindlehope Galaxy buck
Traditional dam
Kindlehope Magma - buck
Traditional dam
Kindlehope Confetti Girl - doe
Traditional dam
Kindlehope Full Riches - buck
Full red dam
Kindlehope Morning Joy - doe
Non-Boer dam
Kindlehope Sharpshooter - buck
Red/white paint dam
Kindlehope Formal Affair - doe
Red/white paint dam
Wether -
Traditional dam
Kindlehope Tiger Lily - doe
Non-Boer dam
Kindlehope Stargazer - doe
Non-Boer dam
Kindlehope Body Armor - buck
Full red dam
Kindlehope Sweet Tea - doe
Full red dam
Kindlehope Midnight in
Paris -doe - Full red dam
Kindlehope Chocolate Cream - doe
Full red dam
Winning Wether -
Non-Boer dam
Kindlehope Sunset at the
Beach - doe - Paint dam
Kindlehope Kiss in the Moonlight
doe - Red/white paint dam
Kindlehope Solar Flare - buck
Full red dam
Kindlehope Sassy Lassy and Kindlehope Fancy Chassis - does - Traditional dam
Kindlehope Elusive - doe
Traditional dam
Kindlehope Midnight Diamonds
- doe Full red dam
Kindlehope Trinity - doe
Red/white paint dam
Kindlehope Pizazz - doe
Traditional dam
Kindlehope Humphrey Boergart
- buck - Traditional dam
Kindlehope Organized Prime -
buck - Traditional Dam
Kindlehope After Midnight and
Blackout - bucks - Black/white
dappled Dam
More to come via AI