Last Updated April 18, 2015
Copywrite 2008 Kindlehope Farm
RRD Kindlehope Crown Royal came to us from the Showstopper Done Sale in March 2014. He is a fast, growing well put together buck. He is also sweet tempered and respectful, easy on a lead. We plan to have him in the show ring as often as possible in 2015.

He bred some does for us and we have kids on the ground. He's also been collected and we have straws in our tank, so he's ready to do good work in a herd of his own.

His genetics include: 2DOX Crown Reserve, AABG/LOID Covergirl **Ennobled**, Show Me Boers Crown Point, RRD Brass Shot **Ennobled**, RRD Ruger **Ennobled**, RRD Cannon **Ennobled**, RRD R865 **Ennobled**
One of his wethers just a few days old.
One of his doelings