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Tenderness and taste in beef, especially grass-fed and finished beef, is enhanced by reducing stress throughout the animal's life and during the final process. Our cattle have a wonderful peaceful life on our farm. We raise only small herds of cattle, often 3 - 4 steers a year. Each steer is processed by safe and humane processing.

Grass-fed and finished beef is extremely lean and nutritious. The art of aging tenderizes the beef and concentrates its wonderful beefy flavor. Aging is a simple, natural process but a more time consuming one. It requires longer storage (up to 2 weeks).

In the profit conscious and mass production oriented big business beef industry, aging is becoming a lost craft. The processors at our chosen facility are skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work and their knowledge of he aging process. Our beef cattle's exclusive diet is wholesome grass, hay, water, trace minerals, salt and fresh air.

As always are steers are:

*  grazed on a natural pesticide-free pasture,

*  fed only pasture and hay: no grains and no animal

*  are never given chemicals: no antibiotics,
    no hormones, no pesticides,

*  living on pastures that are well-maintained,
    never over-crowded or bare,

*  humanely and kindly treated as all the animals
    on our farm, such as pets.

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Updated February 2, 2018